quinta-feira, 26 de junho de 2014

Scraggy papercraft

Scraggy is a bipedal, lizard-like Pokémon. Its oval eyes are set to the sides of its head, and its teeth appear to be constantly exposed. There is a small red scale on its yellow head. Below the yellow portion of its head, its body is cream-colored with thin arms and a red, scaly belly. It carries its loose, yellow skin around its legs, resembling trousers. Some of the loose skin seems to trail off to form or cover a tail. This pelt is rubbery and can be raised to its neck in order to reduce the damage it takes from attacks. Scraggy is easily engaged in battle, as it will attack any foe that so much as meets its gaze with its thick cranium.


Height: 14 cm

Difficulty: Easy-medium

Pages: 8

Format: PDO/ PDF

Creator: João Vieira

DOWNLOAD: https://www.mediafire.com/?adknsj8jb7bmvej

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