domingo, 9 de setembro de 2012

Quilava papercraft

Quilava is a slim quadruped Pokémon. The top half of Quilava's body is blue, while the lower half is cream. Its ears are triangular with red insides, and it possesses a rounded nose and red eyes. It has five red spots on its body that can project flames: two in a somewhat exclamation-mark shape on its forehead and three lined up horizontally on its rear. The fire coming from its head and rear can be launched as a flame attack. It also uses gusts of superheated air as a battle technique. Quilava's fur is non-flammable, so it can withstand flame attacks. Quilava tends to be rare in the wild, but can sometimes be found living on grasslands.


Height: 15 cm

Difficulty : Easy-medium

Format: PDO

Creator: João Vieira


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